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It's a simple concept wherein your money starts working for you or it starts to work more effectively for you. Won't it be great if your hard earned money starts to generate more money for you? By leveraging our experience, technology & customised financial plans, we create a bouquet of products for you to meet your goals & generating best possible returns on money invested. That's how you become the Master of your money.

Individual financial situations are best handled by precise, personalised plans. Each client has a unique financial situation with unique financial goals and objectives.

We work with each client as their advisor to create an entirely customised wealth management plan to reach their objectives. This includes customised:
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Tax Planning & Annual Returns
  • Cash Flow Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Legal Compliances
We strongly believe that by customising your wealth management, we can more effectively accomplish your goals, no matter how complex.

Net Worth is basically the difference between Assets you own & Liabilities you owe.We work on both sides - Assets & Liabilities to bring sustainable growth to your portfolio.

Networth will grow only if your money is working together in harmony, and each piece of your money is complementing and supporting the others.

We look for opportunities to drive out inefficiencies, so the portfolio is best positioned to capitalise on the benefits of the customised financial plan wherein Assets are increasing & Liabilities are going down.

Our founders & core team consists of highly qualified & experienced professionals and Chartered Accountants with a domain expertise of more than 50 years. They have worked with best in class companies both nationally & internationally and they have delivered exceptional returns for their clients. A combination of Technology, Education, Experience & on ground delivery makes us best equipped & qualified for this job.

We work with a variety of clients, including:
  • Business owners
  • Salaried Individuals
  • Large Corporations
  • Individual investors HNI's
  • Non Resident Indian's

We start with a review of your portfolio which is absolutely FREE. Basis our analysis, we recommend a combination of products & services to meet your goals, provide safety & significant growth in your Net Worth. There are different Fees structures wherein you can take a yearly package or we charge a success fee i.e. if we generate returns more than an agreed benchmark. Our Fees is customised on the basis of the portfolio & we are extremely flexible on that. Generating our customer wealth is our biggest priority & we take that very seriously.
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